Your App. Your Way!Picture showing "Apps Where to Begin? with wall of different types of off-the-shelf app

There are thousands of “Apps” on the market. Just like there are all kinds of business models you can choose from. But you are the type of leader that wants exactly what you know will make your business better than those who choose to follow what someone else came up with.

TIMIT has helped leaders of Field Service, Commercial Cleaning, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Non-Profits, Entertainment, Healthcare, and numerous other businesses develop their Custom Apps. They are custom-built around the ideas of those leaders combined with our knowledge and experience in technology.

“APP” itself indicates what you can expect from every Custom App we build.

A = Automate. Automate your business processes to:

  • Drive down Costs
  • Accelerate Throughput
  • Scale Efficiently

P = Personalize. Personalize your business to:

  • Align your customers’ experience with their expectations
  • Help your employees be happier and more productive
  • Strengthen your brand awareness

P = Payback. Payback yourself and your business by leveraging your App to:

  • Generate repeat savings far beyond what you invested in dollars
  • Give you more time back in your day with fewer problems
  • Simplify transactions for your customers and employees

If you are still mulling through what off-the-shelf apps can offer, then please shop around. When and if you are ready to discuss building your Custom App then let’s talk à