For those of you just participated in the fifth Mars Rover (Perseverance) Landing Watch Party, you realize you sacrificed some other virtual event or getting some work done. Notwithstanding the rare nature, what intrinsic value can be garnered relevant to what you do in your business? Let us consider a few.

Perseverance Rover first picture sent back to earth on 02-18-21
  • Stepping back from the everyday battles gives you the perspective of the landscape. Hence the phrase “can’t see the forest for the trees”. Watching a vehicle designed for an environment vastly different than on Earth land over 126 million miles away makes you wonder. If that can be done there must be a plethora of changes I can make in my business to rise above the competitive tide.
  • The Team that worked so hard for a short celebration shared that excitement with everyone around the world. Two things related to how your business gets stuff done come to mind. First, do you cooperate or collaborate internally and externally? Take a look at a recent blog if you are curious about the difference between cooperation and collaboration. Second, do you keep everything “close to the vest” or do you celebrate and share your successes?
  • Technology has taken us all by storm. Some born into it see just a blue sky with no limits. At the other end people struggle just to discern the value from the chaff. Technology can be an effective catalyst to accelerate changes businesses need to make to stay connected with their current and future customers. You do not need to land on Mars to stand out from your competitors (Elon Musk may argue that) but you do need to “be digital”.
  • Hope is one of those delicate subjects between believers and others. To many, landing on Mars (again) signifies that earth is not our final destination. The COVID-19 Pandemic caused the majority of businesses to face unprecedented challenges in 2020. Some luckier businesses thrived simply because they offered products and services the pandemic exponentially increased demand for. Some lost everything and were forced to close. Yet even in the severest cases we heard stories of hope and resilience. Without this attitude the Mars Rover would have not persisted to make the landing. Planning ahead is crucial. Really testing out your business backup and recovery plan is smart. And having the stamina and right attitude is essential when all else fails.

Hope you enjoyed the Watch Party. Now it is back to work! But maybe with a new perspective?